NO.005: The Complete Letters of Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Few writers have conveyed Stoic principles as well as Seneca, and by the end of his pithy 124 Letters you’re likely to find a mentor for life.

Seneca wrote in the Tusculan latin vernacular of his times (4 BC – 65 AD) and an authoritative english translation should be sought to untangle the subtleties of language and their historical context.  As an advisor of Roman Emporer Nero, and correspondent with Apostle Paul their is plenty to untangle.  With authority in Classics both Prof. Margaret Graver and Professor Emeritus A.A. Long provide a rare complete translation of all 124 Letters into modern english.

124 Letters on Ethics by Seneca

In a hyper-active and, too often, shallow modern society regular ethical reading is essential, and few, if any, have proven as consoling as the timeless advice of the Stoics, and particularly Seneca.  For the modern reader Seneca will feel lively and easy to understand due to his very lucid writing style.

Get a copy of his Letters and absorb invaluable wisdom as Seneca conveys advice on how to live the good life.