NO.007: Nike Dri-Fit Clothing

For the man who doesn’t want to spend valuable time researching training clothing it is a safe bet to rely on Nike, and particularly their Dri-Fit Technology.

Nike’s Dri-Fit technology is one of the best options available for those who want their clothing to not only perform well across a variety of different training venues but also have a tailored fit.  Nike’s construction with this fabric is superlative, and integrates unobstructive seams, zippers, and vents with an ease that really adds to the contemporary silhouettes.  The Dri-Fit fabric is a micro-fiber polyester that wicks sweat from the body to the surface where it is evaporated, and Nike uses it across most of their sports lines.

For the person who likes versatility in their training clothing we recommend the contemporary cuts in the Nike Running lineup such as the Nike Phenom pants highlighted above.

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