NO.009: Kilgour Bespoke Suit

There are four aspects to choosing a bespoke suit that determine it’s appropriateness: price, design, construction quality, and fit.

When choosing a bespoke suit from any established Saville Row tailor we can certainly set aside three of the aforementioned four parts of a bespoke suit: price, quality, and fit.  The price is high and so is the construction quality that’s based on centuries of well established tailoring practices that originated in London’s Saville Row.  Fit is, well, excellent as it’s based on your personal body.

The question is which Saville Row tailoring house?  And that’s where the fourth aspect, design, often dictates the choice.  Some prefer older styles and others prefer the design reflect a contemporary aesthetic but maintain the longstanding tailoring standards of construction quality and fit personalization.

Enter Kilgour – the mens wear tailoring house of #5 Saville Row whose tailoring origins stretch back to 1880.  Despite its deep roots Kilgour is the tailoring house you request a bespoke suit from when your preference is a contemporary design based on pure linear geometries that culminate in a sleek silhouette both functional and comfortable.  Kilgour is as likely to draw the attention of an architect or designer than it is the celebrity since it plays on many design currents in disciplines like art, architecture, design, typography and music.

Decorum in the classic sense has always meant appropriateness, and if you are looking for a contemporary design in a solid tailoring tradition then Kilgour is what’s appropriate.

Buy (+£4,200)