NO.004: Henri Cartier-Bresson Print

Buy and display this signed Cartier-Bresson silver gelatin print with pride.

SPAIN. Valencia. 1933.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century and that’s saying a lot considering the importance images played in shaping society and politics in a volatile century.

Collecting one of his original prints, with signature, is to join an exclusive group of collector’s and you can do that by understanding the historical significance of Cartier-Bresson’s work, and, with humility, the nuances of fine art.

Recently Phillips auction house auctioned a large group of original prints by Cartier-Bresson which gives us a sense of the price collector’s are willing to pay. You can look at the results here – prices are rising.

Our listing is one of Cartier-Bresson’s early period photographs, which, daresay, is his most creative period and prized. Offered by Atlas Gallery in London, England this print is signed and stamped by Cartier-Bresson himself.

Circa 1933 in Valencia, Spain, this image of a boy, set against the backdrop of a wall, displays Cartier-Bresson’s surrealist influences.  By capturing closed eyes, and isolating the boy from a ball he was playing with, the image gives the impression of a dream like world.

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