The Rolex Submariner (Reference 114060) is certainly a contender for any serious watch collection but it also happens to be the superlative option for the discerning man who doesn’t necessarily collect yet wants the timeless refinement of a daily mechanical watch.

As the rigours of life unfold a watch for this man needs to be at one moment rugged and the next elegant.  And to be rugged and elegant it needs to meet a few essential criteria: it must be steel and of the highest water resistance while remaining close to the 40mm sweet spot that has proven to be the golden mean on men’s wrists.

Certainly if you choose to collect further mechanical watches this Rolex Submariner is easily considered a collector’s choice. Yet, if you did part ways then you’d be equally impressed with the demand for a Submariner in the secondary market.

No other mechanical watch fulfills these essential criteria as well as the Rolex Submariner. Even the lauded and higher priced watches of Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin don’t provide the daily ruggedness that the Rolex Submariner brings.

From legendary water explorer Jacques Cousteau, to the King-of-Cool Steve McQueen, to the legendary image of James Bond you’ll find yourself in good company with an iconic Rolex Submariner.

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